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20 Years Since 9/11 For PBS

20 years on and we remember so many lives lost on that day in New York and in so many other countries since - sadly all in the name of revenge . Hindsight is making clear what was and wasn’t achieved but only seems to raise more questions.... one common thread is that families on all sides are left to deal with so much loss and grief.

Today also marks the end of National Suicide prevention week and sadly we know that a lot more veterans took their own life since returning home , then were lost in combat.

Thankfully these days the stigma of mental health is slowly being lifted in society with the help of people like MG Mark Graham , USA (ret) speaking out about their own family’s story and helping raise awareness.

Thank you to MG Mark Graham , Carol Graham and former army captain Joe Quinn for sharing their deeply personal stories of loss and inspiring work to help connect Veterans suffering from PTSD to suicide prevention organizations like

These are difficult and often confusing times. Depression can effect people of all walks of life. Look out for each other ❤️

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