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2018’s #1 luxury California cannabis brand, Canndescent, came to The Anton Eye in need of social media strategies and content production, with a goal of growing awareness, social following, social engagement, and sales support. TAE developed all strategies and media while managing all social platforms, resulting in extremely high engagement rates and boosted sales. Additionally, the high quality media that was produced for these efforts was utilized far beyond social platforms for print campaigns, websites, brand partners, sales tools, trade shows, in store commercials, billboards and more, all contributing to greater sales for the brand and optimization of the investment with the Anton Eye.

“It’s been a pleasure working hand in hand with The Anton Eye team. From managing & posting on our multiple accounts to capturing video at our events, writing content & producing larger scale shoots. They really have thought of every angle to elevate our brand. Not to mention they always have a smile, and are the most kind & collaborative team I’ve ever worked with. 


-- Ashley Parker - Canndescent Creative Director

The Art Of Flower

The Art Of Flower

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